BARD PAPERS is an annual arts and literary magazine drawing from undergraduate and faculty work at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.

The magazine, originally an academic journal founded in the 60s, has evolved into a multimedia platform accepting poetry, prose, video, sound and web-based work. Submissions are voted on blindly by an all-student staff in the spring semester of each year; printing and distribution occur in May.

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STAFF  2017


Jess Dagg

Izzy Leung

Niall Murphy



Jess Dagg

Graylen Gatewood

Izzy Leung

Mia Lotan

Peter McCormack

Niall Murphy



Elise Alexander

Terrence Arjoon

Savannah Bachman

Katherine Buonanno

Sabrina Kissack

Ethan Levenson

Adira Martin-Ruben

Grady Nixon

Emely Paulino

Gabrielle Reyes

Maggie Zavgren







Olivia Crumm

Graylen Gatewood

Reuben Gordon

Clara Harlow

Harrison Kroessler

Mia Lotan

Sancia Nash

Lily Frances Rosenthal

Mariana Sanchez Bueno

Peter Schreiber

Miranda West

Jack Whitescarver

Raphael Wolf